As a coach I serve as a supportive agent for change.  I believe coaching is about expanding  one’s capacity to experience meaning and purpose and to function with greater effectiveness and an increased sense of well being.  As your coach I am someone with whom you can explore ways in which you can bring your life into greater balance and harmony.

I believe that one of the most fundamental questions we can ask ourselves is “Why am I here?” As your coach I will work with you so that this essential question can be asked and explored.  I will support you in taking actions which bring you closer to a deeper sense of your life’s purpose and allow you to best contribute yourself to the world.

Clientele: My clients includes individuals seeking personal, professional and/or spiritual growth and development.  I work with people who are interested in experiencing a greater sense of purpose in their lives.  I also specialize in coaching writers, visual artists and those in the creative industries who are in need of support for their creative process.  Additionally I coach mental health professionals who endeavoring to create nurturing and balanced private practices.

Sessions: Coaching sessions may be purchased individually or in monthly packages and include a weekly 45 minute session (either in person or by telephone) with email and telephone follow up as needed.  Each week typically includes action steps generated by you that will help to achieve your desired goals.  Each month brings you closer to achieving your hopes and dreams.

Fees:To find out if coaching is right for you I offer a FREE half hour telephone consultation. Please contact me for further information about fees and services.
Major credit cards accepted.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with me or have questions about coaching, please contact me.