Coaching is an innovative partnership where client and coach work together to create change, promote positive functioning and foster a greater sense of well-being.

By building on existing strengths and helping develop new skills a coach helps you to set, achieve and maintain your desired goals and objectives and achieve greater clarity of purpose.

A coach is both a “thought partner” and an accountability partner.  As a “thought partner” a coach is an engaged, compassionate listener with whom you can think through how to best meet your goals and objectives.  As an accountability partner, a coach is someone who can support you in taking the actions that are most important to you.  Coaching allows you to set the agenda and to proceed at your own pace.

Coaching helps you define and clarify values, identify areas that may need strengthening and development, and can increase your capacity to think and act in more effective, meaningful and positive ways.

Most importantly, coaching can support you as you strive achieve your dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is ideal for anyone who wants needs support in making change, being creative and achieving goals.

Coaching is for people in transition, those who are interested in getting “unstuck,” or those who would like to move off of a plateau.  It is for those who have a hope or an aspiration and would like to explore ways to attain it.  Coaching ideal for artists or creative people who need to focus on and nurture their creative process.  Coaching is about moving forward in an affirming, supportive manner.


Is coaching effective?

Studies have shown that coaching is effective and has produced measurable changes both in attitude and functioning in individuals who have received it.  People who have been coached report greater levels of personal insight, goal attainment, increased life satisfaction and an increase in the experience of hope.  These meaningful findings speak to the power of coaching to allow for the possibility not only of goal achievement, but a greater sense of spiritual well being.

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